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Pigmentation and Vascular Concerns

IPL Pigmentation Removal

IPL Pigmentation Removal: Illuminate Your Skin from Within. Harnessing the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), our advanced treatment precisely targets and breaks down excess pigmentation, such as sunspots, melasma and age spots, revealing a more uniform complexion. Experience a brighter, rejuvenated skin tone with our safe and effective IPL solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Full Face $ 249
Cheeks $ 99
Neck $ 179
Decollete $ 225
Hands Sun Spots $ 99
Face Sun Spots $ 199
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Vascular Removal

Vascular and Rosacea Treatments: Soothe, Calm, and Restore. Our specialized treatments target visible blood vessels and redness associated with rosacea, effectively reducing flushing and promoting skin clarity. Using advanced technology, we gently address vascular concerns, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Rosacea (Face) $ 219
Rosacea (Neck) $ 179
Hemangiomas $ 45

Small macule (small, flat, smooth area) formed from an overgrowth of tiny blood vessels in the skin

Telangectasias $ 65

Small dilated blood vessels that occurred near surface of the skin (nose, cheeks, chin)

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